A quick flash of red in a German vineyard. Although Germany is best known for its white wines, there is a long tradition of making red wine in Germany. There is also a long tradition of little foxes making their homes in the gentle slopes of the vineyard hills. Dornfelder is an easy to drink, easy to enjoy red wine that pairs beautifully with a wide range of cuisines. Vineyard foxes like to hide amongst the wooden vines, but the Dornfelder grapes that grow above them are best enjoyed without a covering of wood. With this in mind, we have crafted this wine to display clear, distinct fruit characteristics, without excessive oak flavours that tend to cloud and disguise a wine's character. The label depicts our little fox, emerging from the cover of wood to reveal himself as a beautiful - and uniquely red - member of the vineyard community.

This wine is an example of classic red wine making. Picked by hand and aged in 100 year old oak casks, this is a serious red wine made from a tradional German red grape variety. We chose to age it in old oak casks to allow it to gain structure without having the oak overwhelm and neutralize the wine. Pure vineyards flavours shine through in this unique red wine.

Our Fox Label Dornfelder is a classic red wine made from Dornfelder, a traditional grape variety from the Pfalz region.

Our Fox Label is made in a traditional style, from 100% hand picked grapes and is aged in 100 year old oak casks. This traditional winemaking method has produced a serious wine that is easy to enjoy as an aperitif, with a meal, or just on its own.

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