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Facts and Statistics


Estate Name: Weingut Karl Lingenfelder
Proprietor/Winemaker: Rainer-Karl Lingenfelder
Wine Region: Pfalz
Estate Size: 15 ha (37 acres)
Vineyards: Freinsheimer Goldberg 2.28 Ha (5.6 acres)
  Freinsheimer Musikantenbuckel 3.15 Ha (7.8 acres)
  Grosskarlbacher Osterberg 4.78 Ha (11.8 acres)
  Grosskarlbacher Burgweg 4.74 Ha (11.7 acres)
Vineyard exposure: 70 % gentle south-facing slopes, 30 % flat
White grape varieties: Riesling (37%)
  Scheurebe (10%)
  Grauburgunder (9%)
  Müller Thurgau (2%)
  Sylvaner (4%)
  Kerner (7%)
Red grape varieties: Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) (18%)
  Dornfelder (13%)
Cellars: 75 % Stainless steel tanks
  25 % Wooden casks barriques and larger traditional casks
  Vaulted sandstone cellars, dating from 1830
  Bulk storage capacity: 180,000 Litres
  Bottle storage capacity: 300,000 bottles
Winemaking philosophy:
We believe that great wines are created in the vineyard. Our vineyard practices aim to create perfect intensely flavoured fruit at harvest. We practice gentle winemaking in the cellar, intervene as little as possible and let nature take its course. All wines are initially fermented in stainless steel tanks. To preserve the maximum complexity and fullness of flavour, we avoid clarifying or stabilizing agents.
Styles of wine: 60 % very dry; 15 % dry; 25 % off-dry and sweet
Average production: 120,000 litres = about 13,000 cases per year
Export: 20 % of production (represented in 12 countries)

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