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Bottling of a Lingenfelder Vintage

Bottling the wines is the final step of the whole years work. LINGENFELDER wines are usually bottled after some months storage in wooden barrels (red wines) or stainless steel tanks (white wines).

As we do not fine or stabilise our wines in any way we need to wait until the wine has found its own balance before bottling. During this self-stabilisation process components like tannins and proteins react with each other and drop out naturally.

Bottle_Wine 46KB Lisa is placing the empty bottles on the conveyor belt.
Bottle_Wine 41KB The Filling Head of the Bottling machine works with a slight vacuum of about 50 mbar in order to remove any air from the bottles. The capacity of the machine is about 1800 bottles per hour.
Korker-klein.jpg (4190 Byte) 54KB The Corker first blankets the wine with a small amount of CO2 before inserting the cork which prevents further oxidation.
Bottle_Wine 49KB Oliver is loading the corked bottles into the box.
Bottle_Wine 41KB The first layer of bottles in a box. Each box holds 440 bottles.
Bottle_Wine 38KB Rainer's father (75 years old and still going strong) is moving the bottled wine into the storage area by fork-lift.

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