Vineyards & Cellar
At the Crusher

We usually pick our grapes by hand and then use bins to transport them to the winery. This gentle method ensures the minimum of damage to the grapes.

Behälter-abkippen-02.jpg (35887 Byte) 35KB We tip the bins out directly into the Crusher/De-stemmer.
Trauben-abkippen.jpg (39541 Byte) 39KB This machine first separates the stems from the grapes and then lightly crushes the berries, without damaging the seeds.
Pinot-abbeeren-groß.jpg (27540 Byte) 27KB One Spätburgunder bunch before and after de-stemming.
Pinot-Maische-nah.jpg (53015 Byte) 53KB

Maische-weiss.jpg (81112 Byte) 81KB
The destemmed and crushed grapes look like this (left) and in the case of red wine, will be fermented like this (fermentation on skins).


Our white wines are normally pressed directly following crushing/de-stemming.

Kelter-pur.jpg (29439 Byte)
This is one of our two Presses. We use this one for our white wines. The other is for our red wines
(See: Elaboration of Red Wine)

After pressing, the white must will be pumped to a tank for settling.
(See: Elaboration of White Wine)

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