Vineyards & Cellar
Picking Grapes

We have been monitoring each vineyard since the beginning of September. By sampling the grapes we have determined their stage of ripeness. Each sample is assessed for sugar content, titratable acidity, pH and the general condition of the grapes.

(See: Determining Grape Ripeness). When the grapes have attained the required conditions for the particular style of wine we will produce, we decide to harvest.

Sig-Hanlese-01.jpg (52968 Byte) 52KB Usually we will harvest the grapes by hand but in some cases we will use a machine harvester. During the harvest season, (approximately 5 weeks in September/October) , we will hire 10 pickers who are accommodated in the winery.
Lesebütten-in-Transportbütte-01.jpg (53986 Byte) 53KB The grapes are picked into small trays. Once these trays are full they are passed to the middle of the row where they are carefully tipped into a larger bin.
Fendt-fährt-Trauben-in-Zeile.jpg (51530 Byte) 51KB When the bin is full it is carried out of the row.
Fendt-stapelt-02.jpg (32975 Byte) 32KB The bin will be loaded onto a trailer by using the forklift located on the back of the tractor. This is an old system but one which is very gentle on the grapes.

Once the grapes reach the winery they will then be unloaded, crushed and pressed.

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