This section provides a peek into the workings of a German wine estate. If you are curious about winemaking, or want to know more about vineyard techniques, you have come to the right place. Through pictures, audio files, and video, take a tour of the winemaker's year as we grow, harvest, age and bottle the many Lingenfelder wines that are enjoyed around the world.
Vineyards Section
The Lingenfelder Family are foremost grape growers always have been.
As "vine-farmers" their pride any joy are the vineyards. Wine is ( or rather should be ) a reflection of its origin in both a cultural and geographic sense.
This section deals with practical aspects of those factors. It provides an insight in their daily work.
Winemaking Section
We don't see ourselves as winemakers. Premium single vineyard estate bottled wines are not made they evolve. You might even say "they just happen". We take a complete "hands off approach" to winemaking: no fining, no stabilisation, no cultured yeast addition no bacteria addition for malo-lactic fermentation absolutely nothing.
Nevertheless we need to press the grapes, handle the juice and clarify the wine. This section tells you a little about the work in our cellar and the type of storage and maturation equipment we use.

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