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Pressing of Red Wine

After completion of the alcoholic fermentation and a certain maceration time, the red grapes are pressed.

Pressing Redwine 34KB
Pressing Redwine 37KB
Central to the LINGENFELDER winemaking philosophy of careful handling and minimal intervention is the use of especially designed stainless steel tanks for our red fermentations. The idea is to pump the wine as little as possible. The fermentation tanks are elevated to a height of 2.5m. To empty these tanks we need only move the Press underneath the door and let the grapes fall directly inside.
Pressing Redwine 29KB
Pressing Redwine 34KB
Only at the end will an auger help us to empty the tank.
Pressing Redwine 23KB View from the top into the fermentation tank.
Pressing Redwine 26KB Once the tank is empty we start the Press. The Press cycle take about 2 hours to complete. Afterwards, the so called marc or pomace is transported back into the vineyard where it is used as a natural fertilizer.
(See also: Addition of Organic matter)
Pressing Redwine 37KB After pressing the Marc looks like this.

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