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Cluster Thinning

At the beginning of Veraison (the change of berry colour and beginning of ripening) we need to thin out the clusters. Our Spätburgnder (Pinot Noir) in particular needs this measure as it is a fertile variety with a fruit setting that is normally too large for the production of premium quality grapes.

Erika-Charlotte.jpg (82424 Byte)80KB Charlotte and Erika are counting the clusters (bunches) on each shoot in order to remove the excess.
3-trauben.jpg (47982 Byte)47KB The picture on the left shows a typical Spätburgunder shoot. There are three clusters on this shoot at a similar stage of development. In keeping with the LINGENFELDER philosophy of producing full bodied and concentrated wines we need to remove some of these clusters in order to improve the development of the other. Only the lowest cluster will be kept as it will produce the best crop in the future.
Schnitt-02.jpg (37979 Byte)37KB The highest cluster has been removed and Charlotte is now removing the second cluster from the vine.
abgeschnitten.jpg (44198 Byte)43KB The two removed clusters.
verbbleibende.jpg (47395 Byte)45KB The remaining cluster now has a better chance of development.

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