Vineyards & Cellar
Adding Organic Fertilizer

The addition of composted tree bark is a very ecologically sound and elegant method of enriching the soil.

LKW_klein.jpg (3406 Byte)47KB Delivery of the compost by truck. The truck holds about 30 metric tonnes.
Frontlader&Rink_klein.jpg (3772 Byte)51KB We load the compost into a machine and will then distribute it in the vineyard.
Rink-mit-Band.jpg (19462 Byte)19KB At the end of the machine we have installed a conveyor which enables us to distribute the organic matter directly underneath the vines.
unterstock_01_klein.jpg (4164 Byte)43KB Using a layer 30-40cm (12-16in) wide and 15cm (6in) high helps to eliminate the weeds. Weeds create a big problem when they grow among the vines as they compete for sunlight and nutrients and attract pests.
unterstock_klein.jpg (4559 Byte)82KB The result !

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