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Mulching of the cover crop

We sow a mixture of seeds between the rows to enrich the biological activity of the soil and increase its humus content. This also allows us to work in the vineyard even when the soil is very wet during the winter or spring time. Without this cover crop we would also compress the soil which has a negative effect on fertility.

25KB In April the cover crop is almost higher than the vines.
42KB Because of the large surface area of the cover crop, a lot of water evaporation occurs which cools the vine micro-climate down.
von-der-Seite.jpg (45509 Byte)44KB In some years there is a danger from frost. The young vine shoots can be damaged or destroyed. If we mulch the cover crop beforehand then the danger is considerably reduced.
von-hinten.jpg (24403 Byte)24KB By using these methods the water competition with the crop is greatly reduced. GROSSKARLBACH is one of the driest areas in Germany. In 1997 we received only 363 l/m2 of rainfall
(see also: Weather Report).

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