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Pruning Of Vines

The removal of canes, leaves and other parts of the vine is necessary both to achieve an equilibrium between the vegetative and reproductive parts of the vine and to also maintain the vine in optimum condition.

Pruning (24 KB) 24KB LINGENFELDER uses a training system called Espalier. These vines are pruned with a single arched cane to one side of the trunk. The new seasons shoots grow vertically from this cane.
Stock_1_C_klein.jpg (2232 Byte) 25KB Detailed view of the Espalier training system.
Stock_1_D_klein.jpg (2083 Byte) 23KB The pruning begins with the main cuts being made. The old canes have not yet been removed.
Stock_1_E_klein.jpg (2123 Byte) 31KB A pruned vine with all old canes removed.
Stock_1_F_klein.jpg (1920 Byte) 39KB Some vines require the removal of older (harder and thicker) wood with a saw.
Stock_1_G_klein.jpg (1794 Byte) 45KB The pruning is completed with the tying down of the cane to the wire.

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