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Taking away sunburn damages

Because of very hot weather and high radiation during the summer a lot of grapes could be sunburned. Almost all clusters that were directly exposed to the sun were damaged.

SB-mit_Blatt.jpg (71535 Byte)70KB This picture shows the position of the cluster and the leaves. The cluster is south-facing and the exterior berries have been damaged.
SB-ohne_Blatt.jpg (74284 Byte)73KB The cluster on the right was covered by a leaf and was not affected.
SB-ohne_2_Blatt.jpg (78486 Byte)77KB Here, a further leaf is removed which had partially covered the left bunch. The colour change (from green to red) in the berries directly underneath the leaf has been delayed because of this shading.
SB-pinot-auf-Ente-02.jpg (32344 Byte)32KB A cluster greatly affected by sunburn.
Erika_wegschneiden.jpg (53613 Byte)52KB In keeping with the LINGENFELDER philosophy we need to remove these sunburnt clusters as they will have a negative impact on the clarity and elegance of the wines.
Scheu_nach_4_Wochen.jpg (45188 Byte)45KB
88-SB-pinot-Eingetrockocknet-Ente.jpg (30121 Byte)30KB
These pictures were taken four weeks after the sunburn occurred. It is obvious that the burnt berries are drying out but nevertheless they will still have a negative impact if they were to be harvested.

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