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Replanting a vineyard

The LINGENFELDER estate is gradually expanding. We recently leased a further 0.45ha in the Osterberg vineyard area. The two parcels (Fallert and Orleberg) are situated on a slight south-facing slope with deep ‘loess' soils. On the 22nd of April 1999 we planted them with Dornfelder on SO4 rootstock (SO4=Selection Oppenheim No.4). The orientation here is east-west as the whole area is slightly terraced. The vine spacing is 2m x 1.2m.

Dornfelder-Pfropfrebe-03.jpg (14852 Byte)14KB
Veredlungsstelle.jpg (9614 Byte) 9KB

A grafted vine ready for planting. The four sections of the vine (labelled left) are;

  1. Roots
  2. American Rootstock (SO4)
  3. Omega Graft union
  4. European Scion (Dornfelder)

The graft union between the American and European parts is made using an Omega cut which is then sealed with wax as a protectant.  The wax covering protects the callus from drying out. The callus is the tissue which grows over the graft wound, thickening at the point of union due to the growth of proliferating tissue.

Omega-Schnitt.jpg (5980 Byte)6KB The Omega graft. The area around the union will thicken as the callus tissue grows after the grafting.
p-rebe-ohne-Körbchen.jpg (34961 Byte)34KB Grafted vine directly after planting (April 23, 1999). The iron rod on the left acts as a support while the vine grows (the vine will eventually hold itself there).
Schema-P-reben-in-Loch-75.jpg (17778 Byte)17KB If you could see through the soil this is how it would look, had you planted the vine by hand. These days the vines are planted by machine (see: Planting Machine).
p-rebe-mit-Körbchen.jpg (31578 Byte)31KB Rabbits are real gourmets. They love to chew the tender bark of the young vines. This protective mesh guard keeps them away – hopefully !
Neuanlage-vor-Austrieb-klein.jpg (34629 Byte)34KB A new vineyard fully installed with all posts, wires, vines and protective guards.
Austrieb-02.jpg (28115 Byte)28KB By the 4th of May 1999 the buds have already started to push through their protective wax coating.
Pfopfrebe_8-Blatt.jpg (28296 Byte)28KB By the 10th of June the vine already has 8 leaves and is growing directly upwards. Vines always grow upwards to catch as much sun as possible. All vines support the growth of the highest point of the plant by a complex hormone system. To force this growth we position all our shoots vertically.
ueber-Hasendraht-a.jpg (25162 Byte)25KB By the beginning of July the vine has grown above the protective guard. Because of the vines biology we need to tie it up in a vertical position. This is necessary so as to enforce vertical growth without forming lateral shoots. Lateral shoots are undesirable as we seek to build an even and upright trunk for the future.
ueber-Biegdraht-a.jpg (25151 Byte)25KB By the 21st of July the vine has almost reached the upper wire. We are pleased with this development. It signals that the vine has developed a good root system and that other factors like the condition of the soil and the supply of water are good.
veg-ende03.jpg (25474 Byte)25KB
veg-ende08.jpg (27963 Byte)25KB
At the beginning of September the vine has reached the highest wire. The growth now begins to slow and will stop in about four weeks.

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