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Shoot Positioning

Due to our climatic conditions and labour costs we use a training system called Espalier. Each year we need to position the young shoots so that they grow vertically upwards. In this way we can optimise the canopy exposure to the sun and the system is also easy to mechanise.

Dornf-ungeheftet.jpg (44361 Byte)43KB

Here is one of our Dornfelder vineyards which has grown very rapidly due to the good weather conditions in May 1998. The shoots are still in a vertical position but in high winds there is a danger that they will break off.

Dornf-mit-Heftpersonal.jpg (36578 Byte)36KB The traditional work is shown here. The people lift the wires up on both sides of each row and fix them to the post. This method is very time consuming and it is difficult to employ enough people to complete the job on time.
traktor-von-vorne.jpg (43537 Byte)43KB Therefore we use a machine to apply a line of string to each side of the canopy which holds the vine shoots in their vertical position.
von-hinten-noch-nicht-in-Zeile02.jpg (41997 Byte)41KB The machine straightens the shoots by using two augers before the two strings are fixed.
in-Zeile-wieder-offen.jpg (48186 Byte)47KB At intervals of 2-3m (6-9ft) the strings are stapled together to better stabilise the canopy.
Laubhefter-im-detail.jpg (43397 Byte)42KB A detailed view of the machine.
nach-Laubhefter.jpg (40694 Byte)40KB The shoots in a stable vertical position. This work is usually necessary twice a year.

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