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Shoot Trimming

To achieve an ideal relationship between the leaves (foliage) and fruit (grapes) we need to maintain the canopy. Therefore we vertically position the shoots to achieve the maximum exposure to the sunlight. From experience we know that approximately 6-8 mature leaves are required to fully ripen a cluster of grapes.For our own conditions we require 10-15 leaves per shoot.

vor-Laubschnitt.jpg (73755 Byte)72KB

When the shoots grow longer than is desired we trim them. Long shoots shade the others and the balance between the fruit and leaves is disturbed.

von-der-Seite.jpg (49689 Byte)49KB Our trimmer works like a lawn-mower and trims the foliage both vertically and horizontally.
beim-Reinfahren.jpg (57165 Byte)56KB Both height and inclination can be easily adjusted by the driver using remote control.
von_hinten.jpg (39830 Byte)39KB Directly behind the tractor the vines look like well manicured shrubs in a park. However by cutting the vine shoot tips the growth of lateral shoots is stimulated.
nach-Laubschnitt.jpg (107830 Byte)105KB The lateral shoots will now emerge from the highest bud on each shoot. This is normal behaviour for all plants which, like the vine, is ‘searching for the sun'.

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