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Weed-Control among young vines

Naturally, weeds are a problem for viticulturists. If  the weeds become too established they can cause serious problems. They compete with the vine for nutrients and water and can also transmit diseases. Control is especially needed in young vines which are more sensitive to such competition.

mit-Unkraut.jpg (51476 Byte)51KB

The favourite place for weeds to grow is, of course, beside the new vine. Because of the sensitivity of the growing new vine we cannot use machines to remove the weeds.

Bernhard-hackt.jpg (45588 Byte)45KB The best way of getting rid of weeds, since Roman times, has been to use a mattock.
hacken-detail.jpg (52335 Byte)52KB This work needs no statement.
gehackt.jpg (53566 Byte)53KB The quality of the work is easy to see.
Fendt-in-Jungfeld-1.jpg (57733 Byte)57KB After this work has finished we move the soil back underneath the young vines with the tractor. This is important because the graft union (and Callus) needs to be covered with soil at this early stage (see also: Omega-Union).
Fendt-in-Jungfeld-4.jpg (58749 Byte)58KB The harrow behind the tractor loosens the soil and destroys the large capillaries which lead to greater soil water evaporation.

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